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    Byteman on JDK10

    Sanne GRINOVERO Master


      our project has been using Byteman 4.0.0 recently and all is working well, even on Java 9.


      But now we're building on JDK 10 and the rules are no longer applied:

      [WARNING] Bundled version of ASM cannot parse bytecode of java.lang.Object class; marking runtime as not suppported.


      Does anyone know if I can just override the ASM dependency of Byteman?


      I was going to give it a try but couldn't find a new ASM release in Maven. I see an ASM 6.1-beta was tagged:

      - https://gitlab.ow2.org/asm/asm/commit/d473d99c9b2b27abe207b82d19f6c7e0d4a05085


      Thanks, Sanne