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    Unable to lookup MEJB in wildfly 11.0.0 Final

    shubhashish dash Newbie

      I have deployed a EAR in wildfly 11.0.0 Final. The EAR has two sub deplyoment one is a .rar and another is a .war . The both the deployment contains below code

      final InitialContext initialContext = new InitialContext();
      final ManagementHome mejb = (ManagementHome) initialContext.lookup("ejb/mgmt/MEJB");
      final ObjectName searchpattern = new ObjectName(":j2eeType=J2EEServer,");
      final Management management = mejb.create();
      final Set<ObjectName> set = management.queryNames(searchpattern, null);
      if (set != null && set.size() != 0)

      { final String s = management.getAttribute(set.iterator().next(), "serverVendor").toString(); System.out.println(s); } 


      But while running the application I am getting "javax.ejb.NoSuchEJBException: EJBCLIENT000079: Unable to discover destination for request for EJB EJBHomeLocator for "jsr-77/jsr-77/EJB"" error. This error only comes in case of rar and not in the war.

      I have attached the sample app with this question


      I have checked all the interim release of Wildfly 11. This issue surfaces in version 11.0.0.Beta1 .  This same application EAR.ear is working fine in 11.0.0.Alpha1.


      Please help me on this.