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    Serve Web/JSP Content outside of WAR in cluster (extendedDocumentRoot)

    Tim K Newbie

      I'm coming from a clustered WebSphere env and looking to Jboss/Wildfly as a replacement...


      I need to be able to use something similar to WebSphere's extendedDocumentRoot, as mentioned here:


      I'd also like to use security constraints if possible as well...  Typically I use NFS storage either symlinked or referenced in such a config.


      I've seen some older threads (i.e. https://developer.jboss.org/thread/215604) that say you need an exploded war but that is not recommended for a cluster/domain, which is most likely what I'm going to need.


      With the latest version of Wildfly 11, has there been any advancements with such a feature that's similar to this?


      Thanks in advance.