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    JSP content downloads instead of rendering - upgrading JBoss 7 to wildfly


      we are trying to migrate our application from JBoss as 7.1.1 final to wildfly. the server now renders the html files at the root context but any request for any of the jsp files ends up as a download of that jsp file instead of rendering.

      I have tried the latest wildfly 11 and even 8.2.1 Final to go back a little but ends up with same behavior.

      Is there something special that needs to be done for JSPs to work when we migrate from Jboss web to undertow(in wildfly). the only jsp config we have is in web.xml

      that is

      <servlet id="jsp">












      Note: the application does use JSF 1.2 and richfaces-api-3.3.3.Final but these jsps have no jsf content, just plain jsps.