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    Multiple war deployments logging using Spring Boot on Wildfly 10

    A S Newbie

      Hi, there


      I'm facing logging issue when deploying mutiple war deployments with Spring Boot + Jersey + SLF4J + Logback on wildfly-10.1.0.Final.


      My Goals;

      • Multiple wars on the same standalone node.
      • Each wars using Spring Boot + Jersey + SLF4J + Logback.
      • Each wars include own logback xml files.(Since using spring boot, actually logback-spring.xml)
      • Each wars have logback and related libs.


      So I set wildfly this with cli command;

      add-logging-api-dependencies to false


      Result was that when I restarted wildfly Applications respond 404 and cli returned no respond.



      Next, I changed logback to log4j2.

      It looks like working well but only Jersey logging(LoggingFeature) don't come out correctly.


      It comes one of files which are defined in logback files and It's random. (maybe depends on loading orders?)

      For example;

      WAR A's Jersey logging   logged   B's log file.

      WAR B's Jersey logging   logged   B's log file.

      the log file is changed each time when wildfly server restart.



      Each case, It seems like own logback and log

      Same deployments are working perfect on Tomcat.


      Jersey uses java.util.logging.

      Is it difficult to bridge java.util.logging on Wildfly?

      Or do I miss any settings?