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    Cannot off-line install (4.4.4.final eclipse plugin)




      I cannot install JBoss Tools eclipse plugin 4.4.4 by off-line install.


      Install Software

      Hibernate Tools v5.1.4 in JBoss Tools 4.4.4 Final  



      64 bit Windows 7 or Windows 10.

      eclipse 4.6.2 (Neon)  (IBM software, Rational Application Developer v9.6.1 included)


      Because I cannot be connected to the Internet in my environment, I am going to carry out off-line installation.


      Therefore I downloaded a target zip file from the following URLs and tried off-line installation, but the following messages appear and fail in installation.



      Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.

        Software being installed: Hibernate Tools 5.1.4.v20170413-1729 (org.hibernate.eclipse.feature.feature.group 5.1.4.v20170413-1729)

        Missing requirement: Hibernate Tools 5.1.4.v20170306-1242 (org.hibernate.eclipse 5.1.4.v20170306-1242) requires 'package org.slf4j 1.7.2' but it could not be found

        Cannot satisfy dependency:

          From: Hibernate Tools 5.1.4.v20170413-1729 (org.hibernate.eclipse.feature.feature.group 5.1.4.v20170413-1729)

          To: org.hibernate.eclipse [5.1.4.v20170306-1242]


      How I install Hibernate Tools including shorting software by off-line install?