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    Profiling shows a lot of time waiting in HttpServlet30Dispatcher.service()

    Matt James Newbie



      We are looking at metrics generated from New Relic on our application. It is fairly high throughput sitting at around 5k RPM. We notice that a small percentage of requests, ~1% get stuck inside "HttpServlet30Dispatcher.service()" which is the jboss impl of resteasy. For the requests that get stuck there, it looks like HttpServlet30Dispatcher (or some code underneath it) consumes 100% of the time of that request. We see requests that normally take 50ms go up to 20s+.


      Unfortunately I can dig into HttpServlet30Dispatcher code very easily, but it definitely doesn't get to our Application code which I can profile, I can see it is only 0.1% of those queries.


      Does anyone know what could cause this? It feels like WF could be blocking the request waiting for a free thread or something. Can anyone confirm, or any advice on how to profile this?