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    about JMS deployment descriptors  in Jboss7.1

    Tom Zhang Newbie

      I have to upgrade my jboss server from 5 to jboss eap 7.1.

      In the jboss server 5, we use HornetQ as JMS implementation.


      In the Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7.1 Migration Guide



      5.3.1. Replace or Update JMS Deployment Descriptors

      If you used -jms.xml JMS deployment descriptors in your application in the previous release, you can

      either convert your application to use the standard Java EE 7 deployment descriptor as specified in

      section EE.5.18 of the Java EE 7 specification or you can update the deployment descriptor to use the

      messaging-activemq-deployment schema instead.



      I want to know if I use the standard Java EE 7 deployment descriptor, how should I do it? any example?