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    Problem with JBoss container pool config behaviour. Please H

    jeff andrews Newbie

      Due to a previouse recommendation on one of these
      Forums,I have upgraded from JBoss_2.4.0-Tomcat_3.2.3
      to JBoss_2.4.3-Jetty_3.1.3-1. I'm running my JBoss
      on Linux.

      My problem/question is; How can I force the container
      configuration size of JBoss for a deployed stateless
      session bean (for example)to not exceed a specified
      MaximumSize, based on what I have defined it to be
      in the jboss.xml file used for deployment??

      I tried many defferent kind of MaximumSizes, but it
      seems to me (from actual performance tests), that no
      matter what I specify as a MaximumSize for my deployed
      stateless session bean, JBoss will always allocate
      a bean instance for each request, even if the number
      of concurrent (client) requests to that bean (pool)
      exceeded the MaximumSize specified for the bean's
      container pool configuration (specified within
      jboss.xml at deployment time)....

      For example:
      If I set the container pool configuration (of my bean)
      MinimumSize = 1, and MaximumSize = 1 (Meaning that
      there should ONLY be one bean instance in the pool to
      be shared among requesting clients).....And then I had
      8 concurrent (clients) requests (at the same time).
      All 8 of those requests were able to get a remote
      reference to a bean instance (and uses it) at the same
      time. As apposed to all 8 sharing the single bean
      instance that should have ONLY bean in the pool...

      What am I messing ?!! Please help.... As I have bean
      struggling with this kind of a problem for over a month