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    WildFly: JMX Subsystem tests failing

    Ângelo Ricardo Costa Newbie

      Hi Guys,

      I am getting an error when trying to build the source code using mvn clean install and the error shows up when tests run in "WildFly: JMX Subsystem" sub project.

      Tests run: 29, Failures: 0, Errors: 3, Skipped: 0, Time elapsed: 11.59 sec <<< FAILURE! - in org.jboss.as.jmx.ModelControllerMBeanTestCase
      testMBeanServerNotification_UNREGISTRATION_NOTIFICATIONUsingRemoteJMXConnector(org.jboss.as.jmx.ModelControllerMBeanTestCase) Time elapsed: 1.177 sec <<< ERROR!
      java.rmi.ConnectIOException: Exception creating connection to:; nested exception is:
      java.net.SocketException: Permission denied: connect
      at java.net.DualStackPlainSocketImpl.connect0(Native Method)

      How can i make the test work?