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    Isolated way to set external Wildfly WAR parameters?

    Vjeran Marcinko Newbie

      Hi all,


      I am TOTAL Wildfly newbie, wanting to deploy to Spring Boot applications to Wildfly packaged as 2 WARs. I deploy them to following directory:


      Now, Spring Boot applications can receive parameters in multitude of ways (24. Externalized Configuration ), such as servlet context parameters, system properties etc...


      Flom my shallow glance at Widlfly deployment options, I decides to use system properties as a means to pass externally some parameters to my WARs, and it works fine when I deploy single WAR, but because I have 2 WARs (2 spring boot applications), I have to set 2 different values for same parameter (same name), so I cannot use system property for that, because system properties are shared for all WARs deployed there.


      Is there some toher mechanism so that I can specify in isolated way system properties, or somehow externally set servlet context parameters, or maybe something similar, so I could configure each WAR separately, even when using same parameter names?