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    Intermittent CLI failure due to connection timeout

    Smitha Patankar Newbie

      Problem Statement:

      Connection timeout exception encountered sporadically during jboss CLI execution or reload from CLI. The exception occurs sporadically on HA set up with 3 nodes. Issue is not seen on single node installation.


      Wildfly  version: 10.1



      Connection timeout is observed in 2 scenarios:

      • CLI command execution
      • Reload from CLI

      Domain mode deployment is configured in our set up. PFA, domain.xml and host.xml


      • Reload fails quite frequently in HA set up (with 3 nodes) with Connection timeout exception.

      Command : ({{ jboss_home }}/bin/jboss-cli.sh --connect commands='reload --host={{ ansible_hostname }}')

      Error:  See attached exception_in_server_log.txt

      • JBoss CLI execution fails with same error. However, exception/error is not logged in server.log in this case.

                  Error: See attached ansible_task_execution_log.txt

                   TCP Stream:           

              Unable to attach the tcpdump as the file size is > 15MB. I can upload it onto FTP server if required.


        • Time jumps backs to 1970 only for (SYN,ACK) frames. Same pattern observed in couple of packet captures collected for timeout exception encountered during reload operation

        • Several TCP frames seen dating back to 1970 observed in tcpdump. Each of them is a TCP (SYN,ACK) frame.

        • Issue observed only on HA set ups. HA set up is a 3 node set up.

        • Had this been an NTP sync issue then the issue should have been seen for other frames as well. Why only (SYN,ACK) frame?



               Possible cause:


      • Is this a known bug in wildfly 10.1?