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    AutoCommit false

    silvia Newbie

      Hi !
      This is my problem:

      I've published my SQLServer 2000 jdbc Driver with XADataSourceLoader mbean in jboss.jcml file, and I obtain that the connection is not autocommitable.
      I'm using a CMT Stateless Session Bean, but the container is not manage the connection. If I try to manage it, I can't do it. I can't do the commit, the rollback...

      Do you know what is my problem?

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          Chris Harris Newbie

          If you're using a true XA DataSource then you shouldn't be trying to call commit or rollback on the connection anyway. Use of an XA DataSource indicates that you could be calling this code as part of a larger transaction involving other resource managers, so explicit transaction management doesn't make sense within your code.

          The best you can do is call setRollBackOnly() on it which will make the transaction roll back when your current transaction context finishes.