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    Wildfly 12 Final (RestEASy 3.5 Final) can't discover JsonBindingProvider for Jax-RS

    Alessandro Moscatelli Newbie

      Even if started in JavaEE8 Preview Mode :


      <property name="ee8.preview.mode" value="true"/>


      Wildfly 12 + RestEasy 3.5 Final can't find this MessageBodyWriter (or Reader) :




      Such is provided inside this dependecy :








      resteasy-json-binding-provider.jar is already provided inside WIldfly 12.


      RestEASY 3.5 Final documentation stats that JsonBindingProvider should be automatically loaded :


      RESTEasy JAX-RS


      If you forcefully exclude Jackson with NoJackson annotation an error will appear stating no MessageWrite is found for json media type when serializing objects for Jax-RS.


      I debugged a little to try and find out what was happening and I can confirm that in


      org.jboss.resteasy.spi.ResteasyProviderFactory at row 2592


      JsonBindingProvider won't be discovered


      IF you include resteasy-json-binding-provider dependency directly in your project, than JsonBindingProvider  will be discovered and used with priority just like Jax-RS 2.1 specs demand.

      Of course, I think this is not correct since you should not be forced to include a specific implementation library to use JsonBinding over other implementations.
      Even more if this dependency is already delivered with the application server.

      Can you reproduce/fix this issue ?