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    Tomcat Metrics in JON 2.x

    Christopher Bynum Newbie

      Are the same metrics that were available in JON 1.x, available in JON 2.x? Some of the things that I'm interested in are the following, which I'm having trouble finding...

      - Number of Requests Served
      - Sessions Created
      - Expired sessions
      - Rejected sessions

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          Ian Springer Master

          "Number of Requests Served" and "Sessions Created" are webapp metrics; these are still available in JON 2.x.

          "Expired sessions" and "Rejected sessions" were Tomcat server metrics in JON 1.x, but they were only supported for standalone Tomcat instances, not for JBossAS-embedded Tomcat instances. JON 2.x dropped support for managing standalone Tomcat, so you won't see those metrics.