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    Wildfly 10 HTTP/AJP doesnt respond

    Venkatesh Balaji Newbie



      Our application is hosted on WildFly 10 on CentOS linux box with 16 cores / 24 Gig enabled, Apache HTTP server 2.4.7 with OpenSSL proxies Wildfly through AJP port.

      AJP max connection : 300

      HTTP max connection : 300

      io-threads : 200

      task-max-threads : 500

      Roughly every 3 hours time interval we have a strange issue that suddenly application stops responding or very slow, we couldnt connect to the site even index page,

      even management console not responding. We have checked the memory & CPU usage its quite normal i.e., 60% free. We also restarted the Apache server to flush all connection, no luck still same.



      We tried loadtest in the testing environment by generating 500 concurrent request to a simple servlet  (with thread.sleep for 20 secs) on the above configuration. When the 500 connections are in-progress we couldnt establish any new request through browser or loadtest tool. Surprisingly management-console page still works for new request from the browser. This clearly provides the information that management-console app not handled by "default" worker thread.


      Are we missing any configuration?  Please help.