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    Metaspace out of memory after number of redeployments of war

    Huub Sepers Newbie



      After undeploying and (re)deploying a war module in JBoss EAP 7.1 a number of times we experience an outofmemory error of the metaspace.


      See following classloader analysis made with mat after the first undeployment:


      mat heapdump


      The classloader of our module (admin-ui) is not released.


      Our war file makes use of postgres sql, activemq, spring boot, hibernate.

      The postgres sql driver and activemq come from jboss modules.


      When I perform the same excercise with a simpler war module (a simple wicket user quide application) I experience oom errors too.



      - any ideas why for instance the poolfiller thread seams to hang on to our module classloader. And what about the activemq threads?

      - As this oom is so easily reproduced with even the simplest of applications; we must be missing the obvious. What are the guidelines concerning module usage on JBoss EAP 7.1?