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    Jboss6.4 not able to load /someone.key file from a jar

    Rajendra Maity Newbie

      Working on a migration project jboss5 to jboss 6.4. Issue details: I have a ear file which is deploying in jboss6.4. Within ear file there are two jar file suppose jar1. Jar and jar2.jar . Jar1 contains somekey.key file only nothing else is there. And jar2 has some class ,from that class there is a getkey(/somekey.key) method which read key file. I have placed both jar file in ear lib folder. But I'm getting exception/somkey.key not found in jboss6. In jboss5 jar1 which contains key was placed in jboss_classpath/lib folder and there jar2 able to get the key file from jar1. Jar1 and jar2 I can't modify these are third party jar. Can anyone please give me any suggestions how to fix this issue. Steps tried: I have written a sample Java class from there I can access key file from jar1 with the help of jar2 getkey method. But when I'm creating one sample ear project with one sample jsp page from there with scriplet tag when try to access key file from jar1 with the help of jar2 getkey method and deploying ear in jboss same exception getting /somekey.key not found.

      Please give me some suggestions.