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    Using forms for Demo instance for kie_wb

    Ben Gundry Newbie



      I'm trying to use the JavaScript Library js/jbpm-forms-rest-integration.js to show a form and then start a process.  I am using version 7.6.0 of the community edition, using the demo install


      I'm looking for a bit of clarity on how to determine the hostUrl & deploymentId of the process.


      According to the docs, I display the form using:  showStartProcessForm(hostUrl, deploymentId, processId, divId, onsuccessCallback, onerrorCallback)

      • hostURL: the URL of the KIE Workbench instance that holds the deployments.
      • deploymentId: the deployment identifier that contains the process to run.


      In the document example, the hostURL is "http://localhost:8080/kie-wb/".  The deploymentId appears to be the D:A:V, so based on this, the following should work for me:



      But all I get back is 404 - Not found.  I've tried different values for hostURL (eg. replacing kie-wb with jbpm-console, as that is the war package where I got the js library), but with no better results.  I'm guessing that my deploymentId is wrong, but I can't find a rest call I can use that returns the deploymentId for a container.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.