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    port 5446

    jsingh jsingh Newbie

      Is there a way to configure ports for JON? or a listing of ports JON uses?
      I have two apps which I start using the sample config file provided in Jboss. So I use the default port config for one app and 'ports-01' config in another.
      The ports-01 config also uses the port 5446, as does the JON server. Thus starting the server the application through JON does not work.

      While (I think) I can get around this by using another default config like 'ports-02', in the future I was intending to use 3 applications, so it might start becoming problematic when N instance of Jboss application servers need to be run.


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          Heiko Rupp Master

          have a look at rhq-server.properties within the bin/ directory of the server distribution:


          I don't know though what this is for :-)

          Usually in larger configurations, we don't recommend running other servers on the JBossON server machine, so this would not apply then.


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            jsingh jsingh Newbie

            Sounds good...yes, I have everything set up in my local box since I am only evaluating JON...I can get around by chaning my default port config for my applications.