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    WildFly 11 deployment order with jboss-all.xml

    John Doe Newbie



      I have a question related to the deployment order with jboss-all.xml configuration files.


      Let's assume I have 2 files app.ear and framework.ear deployed in WildFly 11.


      framework.ear needs to be deployed before app.ear which is expressed by the jboss-all.xml file contained in the app.ear/META-INF folder:


      <jboss umlns="urn:jboss:1.0">

      <jboss-deployment-dependencies xmlns="urn:jboss:deployment-dependencies:1.0">

           <dependency name="framework.ear" />




      Now something changes in framework.ear and a redeployment of framework.ear becomes necessary.


      Question: Why does app.ear gets redeployed, too, immediately after a hot deployment of framework.ear has been carried out?


      Observations: After the redeployment of framework.ear a new framework.ear.deployed marker gets created, but same does not hold for app.ear.deployed.


      In fact no new app.ear.deployed gets created at all (same timestamp for this file as before) despite a redeployment takes place.


      Nevertheless, in the console I see a redeployment for the dependent app.ear occurs.


      Extending the example above, this is time consuming when you have a couple of additional dependencies cascading through.


      I don't understand why this happens because app.ear did not change.


      My expectation is that only a redeployment of framework.ear will take place. In my opinion there is no reason to redeploy app.ear, too.


      Can someone explain to me how to prevent a redeployment of dependent archives when jboss-all.xml configuration files are used in conjunction with hot deployments, please?


      Many thanks.