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    Wildfly 12 gradle deploy on aws

    Marco Rossi Newbie

      In my company we use aws image to host a wildfly 12 instance (standalone).

      My web application is build with gradle and what I need is to deploy using a gradle task to remote aws wildfly. I'm a little bit confused because there are several ways to do it (gradle wildfly plugin, gradle ssh plugin, etc..).

      Anyone in the same situation and want to share best practices ?


      Some of my findings:


      Deploy using jboss-cli


      Description: use jboss-cli shipped with wildfly and use it to depoy archive on remote server

      Pro: easy to use and setup

      Cons: machine that run this command require jboss-cli in your path

      Example: jboss-cli.sh --connect --controller=remote+http://remote_host:port -u=user -p=psw --command="deploy build/libs/yourwar.war --force"