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    Using Narayana with Hibernate + Spring Boot

    mauriclaudio Newbie

      As you know, Spring Boot allows programmers to use Narayana, as well as other JTA implementatios (namely Atomikos and Bitronix), out of the box, by simply importing a starter dependency in your POM file and letting Spring Boot do the work for you.

      As far as I understood, to use XA transactions you need to "wrap" your XADatasource in an helper class that is able to enlist a resource within an active transaction. For example, using Atomikos as JTA  manager implementation I need to instantiate a datasource this way

      (i'm using MySQL as database server but that's not relevant):


      public DataSource datasource(String dataSourceID, String url, String user, String pwd) {
           MysqlXADataSource mysqlXaDataSource = new MysqlXADataSource();
           AtomikosDataSourceBean wrapper = new AtomikosDataSourceBean();
           return wrapper;


      Using Bitronix you have to use org.springframework.boot.jta.bitronix.PoolingDataSourceBean class instead of org.springframework.boot.jta.atomikos.AtomikosDataSourceBean, but class usage apart, you configure your wrapper the very same way, providing an unique id, setting pool size and so on.


      With Narayama you have to use org.springframework.boot.jta.narayana.NarayanaDataSourceBean class, but it seems that with this wrapper you cannot set an unique id for your resource, nor set pool size in any way.

      I wonder , first of all, if my assumption to use a "transaction manager aware" wrapper for any active datasource is or is not correct, and, in the case it's correct to use a wrapper, how to set pool size properly (or other properties, for example resource ID).


      Can anyone help me ?