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    Eclipse MicroProfile in WildFly (not WildFly Swarm)

    Matthias Reining Newbie

      Hi all,


      I'm wondering if Eclipse MicroProfile is also implemented in WildFly application server (not WildFly Swarm).


      I think it would be quite cool, if you follow a thin-war microservice strategy with docker.

      For example, Adam Bien is pushing this strategy continuously (Launching Java EE Thin WARs In The Clouds : Adam Bien's Weblog )


      If I have a look to MicroProfile/Implementation - Eclipsepedia  other app server vendors implement it and not only in their self-contained jar distribution.


      Or is Eclipse MIcroProfile already part of WildFly application server.

      It's difficult to search because all google results show WildFly Swarm results and not only WildFly application server...


      I would be happy if someone could give me some information about the status of Eclipse MicroProfile in WildFly application server.