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    In Wildfly Server 12 having concern with split function used in JavaScript

    Aravinda K c Newbie



      In our project currently we are using wildfly 9 server, so are planning to upgrade wildly server 12.

      But while doing testing we found some error regarding split function using in JavaScript



      <script type="text/javascript">


      function testSplitFunction(){

           var data="input$output";

           var variable1 = data.split("\\$")[0];

           var variable2 = data.split("\\$")[1];





      This above function is working as expected in wildfly server 9 and we are getting the result as bellow

      variable1= input;

      variable2 = output;


      But same function in wildfly server 12 we are getting the following result

      variable1= input$output;

      variable2 = undefined;


      Is their any solution to overcome this problem in wildfly server 12, because in our project we are using this kind split function in many places.



      Aravinda K C