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    automaticaly add EAR content to classpath ?

    Chrsitofer Dutz Newbie

      I hope this hasn't been posted recently, but I couldn't find anything yet.

      My problem is : I have created a web-application using JBuilder 5.0 and Borland Application Server. Due to some Errors in BAS with their Classloader I switched to JBoss and finally got everything to work. My Application is built up very modular and the main part ia a ModuleRegistry EJB which gets the Classpath and looks for special classes describing the installed modules. In BAS this worked fine ( maybe this was the only thing that did work ;) ) but with JBoss the jar-file in the EAR package isn't added to the local Classpath and so not even one module is found.

      What do I have to do in order to have this variable lead me to the jar-file in the ear or is there another variable containing all locations of deployed EARs ?

      Thanx in advance,

      Christofer Dutz