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    Hibernate-tool reverse engineering change in behavior with 5.3



      we are upgrading hibernate ORM to the latest version so I though I would also upgrade hibernate-tools to 5.3.0.CR1 from 4.3.1 and it seems that things have changed a bit.

      1. my hibernate.cfg.cml file is never read, only hibernate.properties file is read (causing a no hibernate.dialect error message that was confusing)
      2. table comments are no longer XML escaped in the hbm.xml files which makes the reverse engineering fail
      3. it seems that all foreign keys (in a schema) must be named unique

      I have not figured out yet how I can limit the tables to be included in the reverse engineering run since we used to specify it in the <hibernate-configuration>.<session-factory>.<mapping> tags. Why I am trying to do this is that we have a few tables that we don't use anymore so I don't want hbm.xml and java files for these tables.


      Any help in answering my question on limiting the tables to be reverse engineered would greatly be appreciated. If I can help with the other issues please let me know.