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    Non heap memory keeps growing(native memory leak)

    Vikrant Singh Newbie



      I am running Infinispan 9.1.4.Final in openshift environment as a docker container, jdk version is 1.8.0_151. The heap consumption of infinispan is stable and doesn't grow beyond heap size however the overall memory usage keeps growing and eventually openshift kills the container without an OOM error, since container starts using more than allocated memory by openshift.


      Since heap memory doesn't seems to be a issue and heapdump shows approx 30% of heap size is retained in heap, I enabled native memory tracking to see if non heap memory is issue. And here I observed that "Internal" section keeps growing in native memory tracking report. See attached native memory diff report after 4-5 days of running infinispan and you can see that memory consumed in Internal grew by more than 700MB and it never comes down.


      It would be really appreciated, If anyone can point out where the memory is being consumed and how can we stop it.