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    JBOSS SQL Server High CPU 100% Kill Connection and they resume.




      I have a SQL Server being accessed by 2 JBOSS servers.  From time to time multiple identical SQLs are submitted that consume 100% of the CPU.  All connections are killed, CPU drops from 100% to 5%.  Within 30 seconds, the connections are re-established and the SQLs are submitted again and again CPU is run up to 100%.  Kill off the connections and again the SQLs are submitted and again CPU is run up to 100% on the SQL Server.


      Finally the SQL Server service is restarted, all SQL Server\JBoss connections are killed.  The JBoss\Application connections are re-established and normal processing continues.


      The event only occurs 1 or twice a week.


      SQL Server 2014, Latest SP.


      Any Ideas are appreciated, I'm not a JBoss developer just supporting the SQL Server.


      Thank You - Covi