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    MBean jboss.as vanished after migration from Wildfly-10 to Wildfly-12

    Guido Jäkel Newbie

      If I change my application servers to use Wildfly-12.0.0 instead of Wildfly-10.1.0, all installed Applications seem to work well: They start at least for now and are ready for use case testing by others.


      But if I want to access the MBean jboss.as, e.g. with the MBean-Browser of jVisualVM, it is either not listed. Or an error WFLYJMX0017 is displayed. In comparison to WF-10, the MBean jboss.jmx77 isn't listed at all.


      Please, how to solve or debug this issue? As an example, i've attached the configuration of one of the servers (at testing stage) as a "simple" case: It's currently running just a small number of instances of one application.