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    Help finding and instanciating classes in other EAR archives

    Chrsitofer Dutz Newbie

      I posted a request in this forum a few days bevore. I think I didn't report my situation correctly. So here I'll try it once again.

      I am using an EJB which scans all paths and jar-files in the classpath for special classes and then to instanciate them. This worked fine all the time. The problem is that I can't find a way to get the Path to the deployed EAR-archives. My EJB should be able to see which EARs are deployed and look at their content to see if there is something interesting for it. This worked fine with BorlandApplicationServer, but I think it only worked because of JBuilder exporting the Classpath automaticaly for me. ... plese help me ... I'm sort of desperate ...

      Thanx in advance,
      Christofer Dutz