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    Can the transaction reaper generate a thread dump?


      We are trying to debug an issue where we see the tx reaper interrupts  a stuck thread. It would be extremely helpful if the reaper would also generate a thread dump so we could

      see if there was a dead lock causing the tx to stall for example. We are using wildfly 11.

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          I don't think the reaper actually interrupts the application thread. When the transaction timeout is reached the reaper calls abort on the transaction and if this call gets wedged then we (mark it as rollback only) and print out a message containing the stacktrace:


          @Message(id = 12378, value = "ReaperElement appears to be wedged: {0}", format = MESSAGE_FORMAT)


          Can you include the log output that makes you think the reaper is interrupting the thread.


          Since transactions timing out is an application condition I don't think it is appropriate for the transaction system to dump threads, perhaps you can do something in your application in a beforeCompletion synchronization.