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    Migrate from EAP 6.4 to Wildfly 9.0.2

    ranjan mb Newbie

      Hey guys, Im new to Jboss & teiid.

      Right now I have EAP 6.4 with teiid 8.12.11 installed in one of our servers .I have designed few VDB using JBDS and deployed it.

      Now i want to move to Wildfly, need assistance in  migrating my entire EAP project (modules ,adapters,deployments to wildfly 9.0.2+teiid) . Since I cudn't find any methods to do it , I thought of re-doing again by installing wildfly+teiid .


      I have installed wildfly 9.0.2 with teiid 9.0.6 and it is working fine . Is there any method i can follow so that all the deployments,data sources,models,modules and whatever things that used to run in my EAP 6.4+teiid 8.12.11 can be transferred to my wildfly+teiid setup?

      I don't want to re-do things like adding sources, modules,drivers and re-design models,VDB's again .


      Also please help me in integrating teiid dashboard into my wildfly setup. When i was using EAP it was already deployed. Now I don't know where to download and how to install teiid dashboard for wildfly .


      Any kind of help will be appreciated.