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    Cloning my JON installation

    Christopher Bynum Newbie

      I have a site configured with a JON server/DB and I have agents running all machines on this site. Alerts are configured in the JON administration console for my needs.

      I also have a remote site where I'd like to have the exact same setup. This site would have its own JON server/DB. I'd like for all of the alerts that I've configured previously to be available, so that I could just install agents on the machines there and start up the JON server on that site.

      Are there configuration files that I can copy over (for the JON server and agents) that will allow me to do this easily?

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          Heiko Rupp Master

          If the remote site is *exactly* the same, you should shut down the original server, dump the database, load it at the remote site and you should be fine.

          If it is not exactly the same, it will probably not work, as alerts are tied to resources and if the resources differ, you will end up with a situation where the JBoss ON server thinks a resource is e.g. a JBossAS instance while in reality it is a Windows platform.

          There is currently no supported way to do that via GUI or other means.