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    Jboss/Tomcat, no local optimization for EJBs!

    fred Newbie

      Hi experts,

      I'm running Tomcat bundled with Tomcat, and I hope to improve perfs. I've made some tests through OpenSTA for my application against Jonas and Resin separated.
      Then putting everything in the same JVM with Tomcat and Jboss, I thought perfs would dramatically improve.
      But this is not the case.
      I've run OptimizeIt to check what was happening and there is still about 40% of the CPU time spent on methods such as java.rmi.MarshalledObject.get() ????
      Why these calls still happen as soon as my servlets and EJBs are running on the same JVM.
      Are there special needs to prevent the RMI calls to happen?
      Help please, I can't understand this one.

      Many Thanks in advance,