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    how to "hot redeploy" without downtime ?

    Alessandro de Manzano Newbie



      I'm not totally sure this is the right place to ask my question, but... how could I update my Java EE app running in my Wildfly production server without a down ?


      It seems to me there is only one solution, using something like JRebel or similar, to hot update class files.


      Or am I wrong ? There is a way to deploy a "new" .war/.ear and more or less gracefully "move" app users to it without a real, complete redeploy phase ?




      Any hint or suggestion is much welcome !


      Many thanks in advance



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          Wolfgang Mayer Master

          You may also deploy your application via cli like: deploy {path_to_warFile} --enabled


          or the console interface (like http://localhost:9990/console)

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            Anup Dey Expert

            The hot deployment means : The process of adding(deploying/redeploying) new components/deployments to a running server without stopping and restarting the application server or application.deploying or re-deploying an application while the server is running.


            There are three ways to deploy an application:


            • Admin console (supported in standalone/domain mode)
            • CLI (supported in both mode)
            • File system based deployment (supported only in standalone/domain mode)


            In the standalone mode, user can deploy an application using $JBOSS_HOME/standalone/deployments directory only in standalone mode while server is running, and can control this behavior by enabling/disabling the deployment scanner


            In domain mode, deployment scanner subsystem is not defined and disabled by default hence File system based deployment is not supported in it.


            The deployment through CLI or Admin console is a hot deployment. "Hot redeployment" is not recommended(using CLI and Admin console).