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    ISPN000453: Attempt to define configuration for cache X which already exists

    wiebe rinsma Newbie

      Hi all!


      I am running into this most obscure error for Infinispan 9.2. I am using a default WildFly12 setup for Intellij IDEA. The first time after loading my project, I start the server and all is good and artifacts are deployed normally and everything works. After the first time however, I run into the above error. It seems some part of the cache configuration may not be cleaned up properly on redeploying. In Eclipse, the error does not occur on successive redeploys.


      I have not found duplicate jars or configuration files in my artifacts. I am also sure I am not trying to deploy twice; a system reboot does not fix it. Doing a full Maven clear to get rid of all target/ folders also does not help.


      Is there anyone that could point me in a direction from where this error could originate? The only other mention of this error I have found so far is here: [ISPN-8836] Custom region definition causes ISPN000453 - JBoss Issue Tracker


      Kind regards,