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    ? jboss doesn't scale well with lots of entity bean

    aihuawu@hotmail.com Newbie

      Hi, all:

      I am populating a large amount of data
      with CMP entity bean, at least 20000 entity beans.
      It runs fast at beginning, but it begins slow down.
      when I populate until 2000, the JBoss
      throws an exception possibly time out.
      The transaction is rolled back.

      1) If JBoss doesn't handle large amount of beans,
      How can I control when a transaction begins and
      when it ends in CMP managed beans? eg. commit 1000
      beans first and then create 1000 beans and commit
      2) But I still need to have only one transaction
      that commit large amount of data? What's the
      final solution?

      Thank you very much.

      Ed Wu