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    App JNDI EJB lookup fails when a lookup is performed from a class called by Jasper

    Mayank Gupta Newbie

      We recently migrated our application from jboss6 to Wildfly-10.1.Final. Our jasper reports registers a POJO class a a scriptlet class in the report template and this POJO class internally do a lookup on EJB within the same app on JVM.

      Similarly to other lookups from POJO, this lookup should also be able to do App lookup of EJB (java:app/.....) but it does not work and we found that only global lookup is working. This is happening only on those lookups through a POJO class where that POJO is invoked from Jasper.


      On debugging I found that Wildfly always allocates a thread with the name of Jasper template class which gives an impression that Wildfly is allocated a thread from separate pool for jasper initiated workflow. Could this be a bug in Wildfly where server assumes the jasper call is outside of Application even when that Jasper template is part of the same application?