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    How to specify the deployment order for EAR irrespective of version in wildfly

    Aishwarya Jeevarathinam Newbie

      I have totally three EAR's. I need to specify the particular deployment order since they are dependent on other. I have tried this in my jboss-all.xml inside META-INF:


      <jboss umlns="urn:jboss:1.0">

          <jboss-deployment-dependencies xmlns="urn:jboss:deployment-dependencies:1.0">

              <dependency name="zrpe.mirev.ear-default-5.2.0-SNAPSHOT.ear" />




      This actually works. But my problem is, i don't want to specify the version of it. Irrespective of version, (eg: <dependency name="zrpe.mirev"/>it should take the particular EAR accordingly. I have tried various tags like alias, include path, exclude path. But no luck! Could somebody help on this.