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    Wildfly 11 - Deployment Folder

    Angela Ho Novice

      Hi all,


      I have three applications to deploy in 1 wildfly application server on the same instance. In the default deployments folder, can we create three application folders file to store the .war files?






      1) Will Wildfly be able to read and deploy the war files accordingly? The intent to do so is to allow each app developer to access his/her own war files without affecting others (Grant access at the folder level)

      2) If the above is feasible, is there a need to do additional configuration to the standalone.xml files to reference the deployment folders?


      Appreciate any kind advice.


      Tks & Rgds,


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          Abhijit Humbe Master

          You have to define configure custom deployment directory for each application directory(App1,App2,App3). Refer below steps for that:


          1. Define directory location of App1,App2,App3

                <path name="app1.dir" path="/path/to/applications1"/>

                <path name="app2.dir" path="/path/to/applications2"/>


          2. Configure deployment scanner

            <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:deployment-scanner:1.1">

                <deployment-scanner path="customDeployDir1" relative-to="app1.dir" scan-interval="5000"/>

                <deployment-scanner path="customDeployDir2" relative-to="app2.dir" scan-interval="5000"/>


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            Angela Ho Novice

            May I enquire on the following:


            1) where should i define the directory location of App1, App2, App3 in standalone.xml?

            Is this under <subsystem> </subsystem>


            2) Under deployment scanner, what does "customDeployDir1" refer to?


            Appreciate your kind advice.