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    Wildfly 8 Active Sessions

    Tobi Burchardt Newbie


      in a project I want to display the number of current logged in users as information. My approach was to get the active sessions from wildfly.

      Unfortunately I got the following error when querying the value:


      I researched the error message but I could not find a helpful solution.

      Does anybody had the same issue with wildfly 8 or other versions?



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          AnupKumar Dey Expert

          These logs are from something trying to access management resources that don't exist.

          The logs stop just before Wildfly finishes booting, so it's probably just accessing them before they've finished starting


          For standalone mode:

          [standalone@ip-address:9999 /] /deployment=${deployment-name}/subsystem=undertow:read-attribute(name=active-sessions)


          For domain mode:

          [domain@ip-address:9999 /] /host=${host-name}/server=${server-name}/deployment=${deployment-name}/subsystem=undertow:read-attribute(name=active-sessions)