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    Modify a jar library in Wildfly 9 or configure WildFly

    vicent Ros Newbie


      I am trying to modify a jar file. I openned the jar using winrar, extracted the .js, modified it and added it again.

      In eclipse I can watch it inside the library and its modified but when I run the proyect in local the changes are not applied and I dont know why.


      The library I am modifing is richfaces 3.3.3 ui, the js is Fileupload.js. I want to modify it because it has this code:





      _flashGetActionUrl: function (url, entry) {


      var getParams = "_richfaces_upload_uid="+ encodeURI(entry.uid) + "&" + this.id + "=" + this.id + "&_richfaces_upload_file_indicator=true&_richfaces_size="+entry.size+"&_richfaces_send_http_error=true";


      if (/\?/.test(url)) {


      var i = url.indexOf("?");


      ";jsessionid=" + this.sessionId + url.substring(i) + "?" + getParams;


      else {


      ";jsessionid=" + this.sessionId + "?" + getParams;


      return url; 


      I am changing ;jsessionid for ?jsessionid and "?" for "&" because Wildfly doesnt accept the other kind of URL. Other option is try to configure Wildfly to make it accept this URL but I dont know how to do it.


      Thanks a lot.