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    Run two patches in the one embedded cli session

    Brian Wallis Master

      I'm writing some cli scripts to setup a domain mode server with a pair of hosts (wildfly 11.0.0.Final). I want to deploy two common modules to both hosts (one database connector the other a login module) from the cli scripts. The cli scripts are run in embed-host-controller mode. I don't seem to be able to get two patches to execute in the one embedded session. I get an error "WFLYPAT0024: Unable to apply or rollback a patch when the server is in a restart-required state".


      After applying the first patch I do a reload (either "reload --host=primary --admin-only=true" or "/host=primary:reload(admin-only=true)") but this doesn't seem to help.


      Is there a way to apply both patches in the one cli session or do I need to split this out into different scripts? (these are actually bundled up with other configuration actions in a deployable cli package).


      What would be really nice would be having the module command supported in embed-host-controller mode.