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    "Supports" transactional attribute setting not working prope

    Mark Hellkamp Newbie

      I am using a stateless session bean in 2.4.3 whose methods have a transaction attribute of "Supports". This session bean accesses data via a DAO. My non-ejb client (a JUnit test) is making several calls to the session bean and it appears that any modifications being made to the data are not visible in subsequent calls to the session bean.

      An example is that I update some data and then read it back to verify that changes have been made. With a transactional setting of "Supports" I can not see the changes (and the test fails), but if I change it to "Required" everything works as expected.

      These are tests which have been running fine on Orion 1.5.x and Weblogic 6.x, so I know the code is OK.

      Any thoughts?