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    Regression of commit markable resource recovery




      I would like check with you my intention to return back removing xid from the _xidScans map at the XARecoveryModule (narayana/XARecoveryModule.java at 5.8.2.Final · jbosstm/narayana · GitHub ) when the AtomicActionRecoveryModule is about to commit the resource.

      The change was introduced by the PR JBTM-2734 Make sure that when we recover the transactions we refresh … by tomjenkinson · Pull Request #1059 · jbosstm/na… but as reported at [JBTM-3034] CMR recovery wrongly handles commit and rollback - JBoss Issue Tracker  it causes regression for CMR behaviour.


      I would like to do it in the following way

      Comparing jbosstm:master...ochaloup:JBTM-3034-cmr-failures · jbosstm/narayana · GitHub

      Returning of this change will possibly cause that recovery when brindging and XATerminator is involved will print norecoveryxa warning messages to the server.log.


      tomjenkinson what do you think about such change?