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    record chrome dev tools in drone test


      Is there any way to record the chrome dev tools from an Arquillian drone test ?

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              I found how to configure chrome driver how to produce logs, and how to extract them manually..



          <extension qualifier="webdriver">

              <property name="browser">chrome</property>

              <property name="loggingPrefs">browser=INFO</property>



          then in your test :




              public TestWatcher watchman = new TestWatcher() {


                  protected void failed(Throwable e, Description description) {

                      LogEntries logs = browser.manage().logs().get(LogType.BROWSER);

                      for (LogEntry entry : logs) {






          I also found a video and screenshot recorder (https://github.com/arquillian/arquillian-recorder/wiki) but couldn't see anything related to capturing the logs and adding them to the produced html report.