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    Widlfly activemq geo-redundancy/geo-distribution

    Bhaskar SK Newbie


      We have been using the messaging system(activemq) in wildfly for our messaging platform in our distributed system. For messaging High Availability(HA), we are following the standard live/backup replication mode. For application HA, we have active/passive wildfly servers.

      Now we need to provide geo-redundancy and geo-redistribution for one of our customers. We are planning to follow the below approach. Please suggest/recommend if we are doing things correctly/incorrectly. And any links with this scenarios would be helpful.


           In case of Geo-Redundancy, the messaging platform would provide below.

                a. Messaging platform would have active/passive ( master/slave) in each of the site A and B. Applications are consuming from site A and applications on site B are down.

      Upon failover of only active server in site A, it will be supported by passive in site A.


      b. In case of entire site A going down, applications on site B will be up and start consuming from site B messaging platform which is in sync with site A. Active/passive in site A should always be in sync with active/passive in site B.


           In case of Geo-distribution, applications are distibuted among site A and site B. the messaging platform would provide below.

        1. Messaging platform in site A and site B will have their own active/master supported by passive/slave on the other site. Active in site A has passive in site B and vice-versa.
        2. Applications in site A consume from active in site A, in case active goes down in site A, applications in site A will start consuming from passive in site B and vice-versa.