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    JBoss Operations Network Demos

    Chris Morgan Newbie

      For those curious, here are a set of demos that are relevant to Jopr. Most of these were captured from a running JON product, but now that the core of JON has been open sourced under the Jopr project, these demos are essentially what you get with Jopr (minus some of the logos and branding).


      If you are already familiar with this demo page, here are some new ones that I just posted that you might not have seen yet:

      1) High Availability - shows installing a new server into an existing Server cloud. Shows agent failover.


      2) Affinity Groups - shows a large 4-server cloud with 220+ agents with affinity groups - shows agent failover within an affinity group and what happens when an entire group of servers is down (agents failover outside of their affinity group).


      3) Group Definitions and Dyna-Groups - shows how to dynamically create groups of resources based on an expression of conditions