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    orderBy in @ShouldMatchDataSet doesn't work


      For example:


      @ShouldMatchDataSet(value="#testImportExamsPush-expected.xml", orderBy={"A11N_STATE.A11N_STATE_PK","TEST.TEST_PK"},

                             excludeColumns = {  "DATE_CREATED", "DATE_MODIFIED"}


      It really doesn't matter what you put in the orderBy. I can be complete garbage and no errors will be thrown.  In this example I want to sort by the PK's of two tables.  When I step into org.jboss.arquillian.persistence.dbunit.DataSertComparator.compareContent the 'columnsForSorting' is the whole list of columns.  I can't see anywhere where the orderBy annotation hints come into play.  This could easily be my ignorance of Annotation processing.


      I do know that my ShouldMatchDataSet fails miserably due to comparing incorrect rows.


      I have 4 tables in my dataset.  Would that be a problem?